Adornment Stories follows a for us by us methodology that centres the experiences of Black women and femmes. We believe in the power of story telling to heal and transform lives. We started with an idea and have become a movement. We are only possible because of the community that believes in our vision. Community has continued to show up for us, as participants, funders, team members and supporters. No matter the role you play, we are grateful. Thank You.

Our why is to create safer spaces for wellness. We work at documenting the journey and stories of those we connect with so that you may follow our journey, witness our impact and join the storytellers brining to life our stories of transformation and wellness.

Our what is training programs, community workshops and storytelling.

Please join our journey.

I had never seen any programs similar to this one, and I was excited because it reflected not
only my interests and culture, but that of so many people in my life. Adornment Stories was so important to me because it gave me a space to learn and gain
support from people who looked like me, something I realized was necessary for my learning
and growth. It also gave me tangible skills in things I was interested in (photography, photo
editing, hair/specifically black hair and braiding). I started to connect how make-up really helped stabilize me during low or
turbulent periods in terms of mental health. I always knew doing my make-up made feel better
during depressive episodes, but Adornment Stories gave me the language to express why.They really
extended themselves to make sure participants in the program felt comfortable and safe (this
includes making good black food for us, checking in when I seemed distant or was going
through something, and creating a non-judgemental/listening space).
— Sade Petlele

2018 Final Report


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