We provide mental wellness inspiration, arts education and a platform for the voices of Black women and femmes.


Adornment is a collective of Black women/femme youth artists, educators and change makers with in-depth community artist experience who wish to cultivate spaces for others like us to safely tell their stories.   

Our collective mission is to provide safer spaces for Black women/femme youth to discuss the issues that are impacting their mental health, develop self-love practices and increase earning capacity via digital arts education. As facilitators who live in the neighbourhoods we support, and share intersecting identities with participants, our objective is to develop a sustainable program/platform  that provides each participant with an increased skill, network and income to transform their personal stories.

All photography provided by Project Participants

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What we do

We create safe spaces for Black women and femmes to learn about Mental wellness and tell their stories.

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How it started

“Adornment” as a project was birthed from a workshop tour in Toronto, New York and Detroit focused on media, arts and wellness. After having many conversations and hearing Black women/youth share similar pain it sparked an idea in Tanya to create a safer space in her neighbourhood for healing and community building. Our main goal is to build collective care that reminds people there is transformation in our stories.