Adornment Stories is a community grassroots facilitation and mental health training program using digital media and adornment as relevant tools for connecting with youth and building their capacity. We connect the intersections of arts, education, and wellness. This 24-week wellness space prioritizes Black women/femmes. We aim to build the capacities of a cohort of 7-10 participants by exploring digital arts, media, writing, mental health, wellness, facilitation and body adornment. Participants will capture their stories, edit content, host a digital seminar and exhibit, facilitate workshops for the community, eventually graduating the program with a tangible certificate of facilitation.

I would really recommend this program to black people who are interested in adornment,
make-up, photography, content creation and who want to build community with other
like-minded black folks.
— Sade Petlele, 2018 Participant

Are you seeking a space where you can create art, have meaningful conversation and learn how to use digital arts to tell your story? Have you been wondering how to tell your story, take amazing photos and represent who you are? All while being among other Black women and femmes? Are you interested in building your facilitation skills?

If so, this is the space for you!! 

Adornment: Stories of Transformation is a space committed to connecting the intersections of art, beauty and wellness. 

This workshop is a  healing space prioritizing the healing of Black women and femme identified black folks in the unique ways we relate to art, beauty and wellness. We will explore storytelling in the forms of digital arts, media, writing, build facilitation skills, and explore body adornment for improved wellness, self-care and healing.

Please join us: 

  • Weekly Sessions : 6-8pm 

  • Food and Tokens weekly

  • Honorariums provided 

  • Date: August 2019

If this sounds like a space for you, please share with us why you believe this space is a good fit for you and what the impact of this space will be on you. 

Graduate with :

  • Paid honorarium for training.

  • Certificate of completion

  • Experience in community facilitation.

  • Hands on workshop development and facilitation experience.

  • Hands on digital media (photography and videography) creation.

  • Hands on hair and make-up experience.

  • Support group of like minded accountability partners.

  • Added to our facilitation roster, eligible to facilitate community workshops on our behalf.

Participant spaces are limited. Participant Applicants will be contacted for an interview to secure their space in the project.

*Please note this program is catering to Black women and Femmes, age 18-29. Thank You!

Funding for this project has been provided by Identify and Impact, and the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council and ArtReach.