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Workshops are designed and developed to empower all who participate. Each workshop provides a space to discuss experiences and tell stories. These stories are expressed through conversation and art creation. Each of our unique and special identities is attached to beautiful stories of resilience. Through connecting to community and having a space to discuss identity, self-love, healing, art, and beauty, participants will access a greater sense of confidence and community connection. These workshops incorporate multiple theories such as strengths, perspective, narrative theory, anti-racist perspective, feminist perspective and anti-oppressive practice. Workshops also work to incorporate body positivity, story-telling, and skills building while challenging systems of heteronormativity, gender constructs, mental health stereotypes, health stereotypes and Euro-centric beauty standards. All workshops and services aim to be body positive, racially conscious, LGBTQI2 friendly, and generally affirming. While improving safe spaces is an on going process and is constantly evolving, workshops aim to provide non-judgmental services and safer spaces for all workshop participants. Rooted in art and storytelling this holistic approach empowers the limitless capabilities of the people who engage with us.

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