Director and Coordinator

Tanya Turton

 Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Tanya Turton is a Creative Entrepreneur and Wellness Educator. Tanya has committed her practice to empowering self-love and holistic wellness. Tanya describes her calling by saying "I facilitate and provide tools for people to fall deeper in love with who and how they are". Wellness and mental health became close to her heart when her older sister, who she describes as a beauty pageant socialite, died by suicide. This event forever changed her life and her investment in community healing. In 2012, she graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelors of Social Work degree. She later went on to complete the George Brown Entrepreneurship program in 2014. Tanya is also a licensed hair stylist. Tanya launched adornment stories as a one off workshop in 2016 and it has grown to be a movement, providing safe space for a new cohort of Black women and femmes yearly. Her vision is to build collective care spaces that remind people there is no need to simply survive, we can thrive.



Project Manager

Fonna Seidu

Fonna is a community-taught photographer with experience documenting 100+ events across North America. Graduating from Humber College in 2017 as a Project Manager, when Fonna’s not behind the camera, her passion is helping artists become more organized by incorporating project management principles to their creative practice. With a background in digital media and visual arts, Fonna joined the Adornment team initially as a workshop facilitator teaching photography, videography, and editing skills to the participants. Her role quickly expanded to Creative Assistant allowing her to support with logistics. Having a strong background in project management, she easily took on a more supportive role during sessions that she was not facilitating. She has experience planning and executing over 45 unique projects and events, with budgets exceeding $50,000. She also loves sharing information about project management, social justice, and organizational management.



Creative Operations and Administration Assistant

Adia nesbeth

Adia was born in Toronto, though many of her formative years were spent in Brampton and Barrie, Ontario. After participating in the 2018 round of Adornment Stories, she joined the team in order to assist with future cohorts and expanding the platform. She currently studies English at Ryerson University.



Creative Operations and Administration Intern


Sade is non-binary multidisciplinary artist and university student based in Toronto. They've lived in Oakland/California, Atlanta/Georgia and Johannesburg/South Africa, and living in these urban centres of black art inspired a lot of their creative growth. Their focus is using makeup and ink drawings to express cultural identity and history. Sade is an alum of Adornment Stories, and has returned in 2019 to support the team and future participants as an excited intern.



Communications Consultant

Jenny Meya

Jenny Meya is an artist, a creative strategist and a storyteller who is learning to live in her purpose by advocating for true authentic storytelling.

As a Black woman, Jenny believes that our stories come from a multitude of deep politics navigating through the affairs of sisterhood, self-care, identity, and diverse forms of beauty.

Jenny aims to find the crux of a story - the beautiful and the ugly as it is an honest inventory of where we are. Jenny is also a spoken word artist and is currently exercising her talents as a dancer, a self taught illustrator and is consistently developing new projects. She is an introvert with a whole lot of magic!

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